Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Excellent Civics Quiz

This 60-question Civics Quiz by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute is outstanding. I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try.

Can I toot my own horn? I answered 56 out of the 60 questions correctly -- 93.33%!


  1. 57 out of 60. But I think a couple of the questions were ambiguous.

  2. Grant,

    57! My hat is off to you. I admit, the quiz is by no means perfect. A few questions are a bit too easy, and more were too hard, or, as you say, not entirely clear. And I wasn't thrilled with all the economics.

    All of which suggests an interesting project. Perhaps the blogging profs and American history buffs should construct their ideal versions of an American history or civics quiz, then compare and contrast and get reactions.

  3. Aloha,

    A few weeks ago I took the GRE examination. The "objective" multiple guess sections were not bad. However the two essay type questions were very interested in the students' views on politics, economics and individualism vs. collectivism. Strangely enough, I did better in the objective sections.

    My ideal civics quiz would focus on questions testing for factual historical knowledge. First one must have a fairly broad base of knowledge before being able to have an intelligent opinion on complex social/political issues. It seems that a growing number of schools, both primary and secondary, reverse this process. First, provide the students with the "right" attitudes and then make the facts fit.


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