Tuesday, November 20, 2007

History in the Making

Probably every lawyer in the country knows this by now, but on the theory that one or two non-lawyer history buffs read these posts, here's the scoop: the Supremes accepted a case today in a Second Amendment case. The case will probably be decided next June. There's been an upwell of Second Amendment scholarship recently, and we're about to see an explosion. And we're about to see constitutional history made. For a recent, non-scientific sampling of reactions and leads, see the Volokh Conspiracy here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Whether a majority of the Court will acknowledge it, I don't know, but the meaning of the Second Amendment runs through the Fourteenth.

Addition: While I'm collecting resources, see also the posts at PrawfBlawg here and here.

Addition 2: This Randy Barnett article is also worth reading: Was the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Conditioned on Service in an Organized Militia?

Addition 3: I would be remiss not to add this Glenn Reynolds post collecting further references.

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