Saturday, June 06, 2009

They Both Make Cheese, I Suppose

Back in the early 1970's the original National Lampoon magazine had a hilarious article that purported to be a newsletter of an organization devoted to exposing the nefarious conspiracy by the Dutch to dominate the world. Although I'm not sure, it was probably "Americans United to Beat the Dutch," from the April 1973 "Prejudice" edition. My recollection is that the pseudo-newsletter featured a towering figure, who looked like an evil version of the Dutch Boy Paint boy, standing menacingly astride the globe, about to kick it over with one of his pointed wooden shoes.

I mention this only because the article came to mind when I read Harry L. Watson quoting North Carolina Whig Senator Willie P. Mangum (emphasis added):
Some Whigs, notably New York Governor William Seward, made strenuous efforts to appeal to immigrant voters and to meet their legitimate needs. More commonly, Whigs tended to reject those whom North Carolina Senator Willie P. Mangum called "the bandit of the Apennines, the mercenary Swiss, the hungry loafer of the cities of the Old World, the offal of the disgorged jails, penitentiaries, and houses of correction of foreign countries."

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  1. I remember that issue of the National Lampoon. It was a great periodical back in those days.


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