Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thought Crimes

I really enjoyed this rant by Tom Smith at The Right Coast and can't help quoting a portion:
Also, I would like to clarify a few things. If anyone happened to hear me opine that "this so-called health care reform plan is the most loathsome, disgusting and collectivist steaming crock of shit that has emerged from the fevered and depraved swamp of Washington misrule in 50 years," please bear in mind I was only kidding and had had a couple [of] adult beverages. Neither was I serious when I said "this will reduce us to a bunch of penurious, ill-educated coolies in hock up to our eyeballs to a cabal of bloated Red Chinese crony-capitalist warlords, you just wait and see," but rather employing poetic license, to wit, hyperbole. Similarly, when I remarked that "Obama took more time to choose his dog than he wants Congress to consider health care "reform" and at the end of that he picked a breed known for its bad smell and hostility to children," I was honestly relying on just a few reports of PWD's, of which I am sure there are many examples of perfectly nice dogs. And if anybody attributes to me the rumor that the health care legislation includes a proposal to send old people with serious medical problems to North Korean hospitals to save money, please be assured I never said such a thing.

I didn't say it either. But I thought it.

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