Saturday, January 09, 2010

Millard Fillmore Acrostic

In the warm afterglow of Millard's 210th birthday celebration, here is an acrostic extolling the virtues of our thirteenth president, published at Nashville in 1861. The accompanying illustration, alas, bears little resemblance to our hero:
HONORED for thy love of right,
Onward soar to fame and might;
Never from the truth diverging,
Or spurious doctrines on us urging;
Respect the good, reprove the bad,
And brace the weak, and cheer the sad.
Be kind to all, do what we may,
Let nothing lead thy heart astray;
Ever kind in thought and deed,
Men by acts thy heart can read.
Indebted for past favors, we
Like loyal subjects, reverence thee;
Labor on, and be content,
And if elected President,
Restore the good to office, and
Disperse the bad, at thy command.

For many now in office be
In whom defects we plainly see;
Living on the revenue
Like wolves they eat, but nothing do.
Mean men, they seek for wealth and fame,
Our country's good is not their aim;
Repulse them all from office, and
Extend thy sway o'er all the land.


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Thank you for this series of posts about a forgotten good guy. Fillmore usually gets lumped in as one of the "doughfaces." Your posts have made him a real person to me and made an obscure period of history more real and interesting. Great!


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