Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Democratic Thug

Keep it classy, Congressman.


  1. I can't believe that a student of the Early Republic is shocked by this level of political behavior. That said, definitely on the boorish side. If the coverup is worth than the crime, then man-handling the gotcha reporter is worse than the gotcha report.

  2. Fair enough on the history - who comes to mind, Matthew Lyon, Andy Jackson? But what really startled me was that his reaction was not a calculated political tactic or smear, however crude, like accusing John Quincy Adams of procuring a whore for the Tsar of Russia. This was a visceral reaction, and the man is obviously unhinged, nasty and violent. And to the extent you're suggesting there was provocation (the "gotcha reporter") I've got to disagree. The question was not when he had stopped beating his mother, but whether he supported the Obama agenda. He could have said (a) Yes, I'm an Obama Democrat, and proudly so, (b) I'm a Democrat and am proud of Obama but don't support him in all respects, (c) No, (d) walk on by, etc.


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