Friday, August 13, 2010

Robert E. Lee Was Out of His Mind

Alert readers may have noted that I went to Gettysburg several weeks ago. I'd never been before - yes, I know, shame on me. But let's not talk about me; let's talk about Robert Edward Lee.

Having now seen the site, it took me all of five seconds to conclude that Gen. Lee was out of his frickin' mind ordering Pickett's Charge across that space. I know all the excuses. He had confidence in his men. The artillery barrage should have softened them up. Longstreet was being a pain in the ass. Stonewall was dead. Lee had a bad day.

You bet he had a bad day. The man clearly was in the midst of a psychotic episode thinking that his troops could traverse that distance in any force and then overwhelm the Union line.

End of story . . . except more pix below. Click to enlarge.

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