Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Undeserved Honor

I see that the creators of Online Schools have been kind enough to include this blog on a list of 50 Resources for Students Attending Online Liberal Arts Schools. I'm stunned and don't know what to say, other than Thanks!

About the illustration, entitled The Right Man for the Right Place (1856), which features my favorite, Millard Fillmore:
Another satire complimentary to Fillmore, whose [1856] campaign slogan was "the right man in the right place." Fillmore was nominated at the American party's February 22 convention in Philadelphia. Here he is the embodiment of equanimity, in stark contrast to the combative hostility of Republican John C. Fremont (left) and Democrat James Buchanan. Fillmore mediates between the two men, who are armed here with a musket and dagger respectively. Fremont: "He's a border ruffian! and I'll shoot the Slave-holding Villain!" He associates Buchanan with recent violence against antislavery settlers in Kansas, and with the slaveholding interests. Buchanan, raising his dagger but restrained by Fillmore: "Let go! Let me at him! I'll make Mince meat of the rascally abolitionist!" Fillmore: "Stop! Stop! My friends, I cant allow any fighting, there must be peace between you as long as I stand here."


  1. Very cool. I'm not sure "undeserved" is an accurate description, though. Congrats


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