Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. President

Millard Fillmore, our nation's thirteenth president, was born January 7, 1800 and celebrated his 211th birthday four days ago.

The press of events prevented me from composing a timely post celebrating the life of this fine man. But the ever-reliable Ed Darrell at Millard Fillmore's Bathtub did his usual thorough job on matters Millard by marking the moment with no fewer than four posts, all of which are worth reading: University of Buffalo President Simpson to speak at Millard Fillmore's 2010 birthday observance, Millard Fillmore's 211th, A day that will live in obscurity, and Would Albuquerque and Santa Fe be part of Texas, but for Millard Fillmore? The last of these posts, in turn, highlights an entry at Duke City Fix, If it weren't for Millard Fillmore, you might be a Texan!

Having repeatedly lauded Millard's virtues, I won't belabor the issue unduly. For an overview, try Presidential Scholars on Crack and Millard Loses a War He Didn't Fight. On Millard's deft handling of the Texas-New Mexico dispute, and what might have happened if he had acted less decisively, see Millard Fillmore, Firm Statesman and "Civil War between North and South would then have likely erupted".

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Forgive me for being a few days late.

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