Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Christmas Gift Recommendation

Are you looking for an impressive and expensive-looking, but reasonably-priced, Christmas present for a friend or spouse with even a passing interest in military history or the Civil War? If so, I've got the solution.

The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War is a large coffee table-sized book. It consists largely of beautiful reproductions of maps drawn during the War by engineers and draftsmen on both sides for use on the military campaigns. Other maps were prepared immediately after the war, and the book also includes hundreds of engravings of forts, uniforms, flags, etc. Many of the maps detail troop positions and movements and are extremely useful when reading books about the campaigns and battles. But the maps are also simply things of beauty, which you can leaf through for hours, particularly when you realize that you are looking at a map that Stonewall Jackson, for example, may have used.

Topping it off is the price. The book originally sold for $70, I believe. Barnes & Noble is currently selling it for under $20.

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