Friday, December 10, 2004

Is Islamist Totalitarianism "Fundamentally Expansionist"?

In an earlier post, I noted that Kevin Drum's objection to Peter Beinart's article, "A Fighting Faith", rests on the proposition that Islamist totalitarianism is "not fundamentally expansionist" or dangerous to the United States. In a December 5, 2004 entry, entitled "Liberalism and Terror . . . A Followup . . .", Mr. Drum amplifies, posing his assertions as questions, satisfactory answers to which he claims never to have seen.

Although all this strikes me as strange, I am nonetheless happy to see that correspondents at Winds of Change have begun to address Mr. Drum's purported questions:

"Kevin Drum Asks the Good Question" (December 7 post by Armed Liberal)

"Kevin Drum and 'The Phony War'" (December 7 post by Armed Liberal)

"Al Quaeda: The Scope of the Threat" (December 8 post by Dan Darling)

"Special Analysis: A Framework for Discussing the War" (December 9 post by Joe Katzman)

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