Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Death of Contract

I'm stunned and saddened that I can't find a picture of the late, great Grant Gilmore on the internet. Professor Gilmore invented Article 9 and was utterly brilliant. A mesmerizing teacher. I didn't understand ten percent of what he said but was hypnotized.

Professor Gilmore's sardonic wit and piercing intelligence live on in his The Death of Contract, the single greatest legal book I have ever read. For you lawyers, at least, don't be intimidated. At barely 100 short pages (my version is about 4" by 6"), it is both a stunning deconstruction of contract theory and laugh-out-loud funny. When I skim a chapter, I can still hear his highly expressive but incomprehensible mumbling. Rest in peace, Professor!

Contorts lives!

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