Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Has Anyone at the American Prospect Ever Read Donald Kagan?

I have little -- make that nothing -- to add, but I just can't help pointing out a recent post at Daniel Drezner's blog concerning Thucydides: "Has Anyone at the American Prospect Ever Read Thucydides?"

Well, perhaps I'll add one thing. One Thomas Geoghegan is quoted as stating, "Donald Kagan, the father of Robert and Fred, has written four or five volumes on The Peloponnesian Wars, all to illustrate how the neocons should see the world."

It turns out that Mr. Geoghegan has not read Donald Kagan either. I've read Professor Kagan's four volumes on the Peloponnesian Wars (the link is to the first volume), several times. They are not political tracts. They belong to genre called "history," and they are superb.

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