Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Picture That Doesn't Suck -- And A Picture That Does

Harry called me Sunday evening and told me with some pride (although I don't think he's the father) that one of his cows had given birth to twins -- apparently a fairly uncommon event. Well, I rushed over and took a bunch of photos, all of which sucked, except for one. Here's the one that didn't suck:

Here, on the other hand, is one that did suck:


  1. Maureen9:57 PM

    Karen gave me your address. The photos are great. Please keep them coming. I like seeing pictures of my grand kids.
    It would be nice to see your cats, too.

    Karen's mom

  2. Maureen,

    Thanks! Over Easter, a friend who is an excellent photographer visited and took many (as in several hundred) photos, including a number of the cats. I should be receiving them soon, and when I do I will post some.


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