Monday, July 07, 2008

New Digital Lincoln Photos

At Abraham Lincoln Pictures blog, Studio Macbeth has posted some astounding -- eerie -- digital recreations of Abe Lincoln. The site characterizes them as
full color original photo realistic depictions of Abraham Lincoln's face. These computer generated images are the result of our research into Lincoln's facial structure based on photographs and castings from his own time.

In the future, they expect to post video animations.

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the lead.

Note to Studio Macbeth: I don't want to infringe your copyright. I figured that that the pictures were so arresting that they would draw people to your site. But if you want me to remove the pictures, just ask.


  1. Hi Elektratig, and thanks for posting our Lincoln model. I have posted the same image but with a watermark and a copyright notice. Could you please upload it to your blog? Thanks! Maria

  2. Maria,

    Your wish is my command.


  3. Elektratig, I wanted to update you on our Virtual Lincoln project. A year and a half later, Virtual Abe is appearing on the History Channel's "Stealing Lincoln's Body". Hope you enjoy the show. Best from all of us at Studio Macbeth.


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