Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Charlottesville, VA Bleg

The weekend before Thanksgiving -- late November and potentially cold, I assume -- I am driving down to North Carolina with my wife, mother-in-law and a college friend. I have selected Charlottesville, VA to stop off at for a couple of nights, primarily because I have never visited Monticello or Montpelier. What else should we see in the area? Bear in mind that my mother-in-law is 80+ years of age, so we're not going hiking!

Sean N., is that where you are? I would be delighted to get together.


  1. Sean Nalty11:11 PM

    Hi Elektratig,

    Well, if you are interested, I can probably arrange for you to come and listen to Professor Holt teach his Coming of the Civil War course at UVa on Tuesdays or Thursdays. In fact, the time you mention before Thanksgiving break is typically when he does his famous reenactment of the Sumner caning. You might also like to meet Professor Charles McCurdy, who teaches legal history and specializes in both the jurisprudence of Stephen Field and the Anti-Rent Controversy. Professor Holt is good friends with him. Also, don't forget that we are the town with the "Three Presidents"--Mr. Monroe's home "Ash Lawn" is just a little down the road from Monticello. Give me an idea when you are exactly planning to come to C-Ville and we will get in touch.


  2. Sean,

    Thanks for your kind offer(s). I'll let you know as things get more concrete. You have quite a lineup there at UVA. Professor Holt's works are stunning. Professor McCurdy's Anti-Rent book has been on my list for some time -- should I move it up? It is my home state, after all.

    And no, I won't forget President Monroe.


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