Sunday, March 15, 2009

Helen of Troy, to Priam

"Before thy presence, father, I appear,
With conscious shame and reverential fear.
Ah! had I died, ere to these walk I fled,
False to my country, and my nuptial bed;
My brothers, friends, and daughter left behind,
False to them all, to Paris only kind!
For this I mourn, till grief or dire disease
Shall waste the form whose fault it was to please!
The king of kings, Atrides, you survey,
Great in the war, and great in arts of sway:
My brother once, before my days of shame!
And oh! that still he bore a brother's name!"


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    wasn't she supposed to be the prettiest woman in the world? she was actually the ugliest woman in the world!!!!!!MY GOD!!!

  2. C'mon, Maria! Menelaos, Paris, and all the guys in Troy thought she was HOT!


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