Saturday, December 30, 2006

Guess the Antebellum Court

Here is a quote from a state supreme court, written in the early 1850s. You get to guess which court wrote it:

"[L]et it be constantly borne in mind, that notwithstanding we may have different governments, a nation within a nation, imperium in imperio, we have but one people; and that the same people which, divided into separate communities, constitute the respective State governments, comprise in the aggregate, the United States Government; and that it is in vain to shield them from a blow aimed by the Federal arm, if they are liable to be prostrated by one dealt with equal fatality by their own.

" . . . .

"From such State rights, good Lord deliver us! I utterly repudiate them from the creed of my political faith!"

(The italics are in the original.)

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