Monday, December 11, 2006

Plagiarism Plus

Over at Civil War Bookshelf, Dmitri Rotov notes that former president Carter has been accused of plagiarizing maps. I was going to post a brief item simply noting how important maps can be -- and how frustrating bad or insufficient maps can be. The number one complaint about Civil War books has got to be the dearth of maps. I frequently go to the internet (or other books) to locate usable maps to accompany my Civil War reading.

Then, doing a check to see what the current status of the dispute is, I ran across a post that explains that the plagiarism charge is the least of president Carter's problems. The post provides copies of the maps in question, so you can judge the plagiarism allegation for yourself. It also provides a simple and readily understandable explantation documenting the far more serious charge: the maps are copied but mislabeled in a way that appears designed to reinforce inaccurate and misleading statements in the accompanying text. I urge anyone intested in this issue to read Rick Richman's post at
Jewish Current Issues, entitled "Carter's Maps: Worse than Plagiarism."

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